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Treatment with psychotherapy—or with psychoanalysis, an intensive form of therapy—helps many people find solutions to problems in their relationships and personal lives. Just as importantly, participating in therapy, and psychoanalysis in particular, can also lead to the discovery of new possibilities in experiencing and living life.

In therapy you can resolve unsatisfying, repetitive patterns of thinking and behaving. Gradually, you learn more effective ways of satisfying your needs and building good relationships.

Therapy is a place for personal growth as well as solving problems. Over time, you come to more fully know and express an authentic sense of yourself. You find an increased capacity to give and accept love, to feel the full range of emotions, and to make the most of your talents and your creativity. Turning toward your inner life with a willingness to explore a territory that can never be fully known, you may encounter a deep, unexpected satisfaction.

Of course, therapy isn’t easy. The help of a skilled therapist can be crucial, but working through personal issues requires courage and persistence. The potential benefits make these efforts well worthwhile.

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